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Our school

801.395.5610 | 3340 North 3050 West Farr West, UT 84404

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Mrs. Swenson and Mrs. Venable

1st Grade:

Mrs. Anderson

Mrs. Wiser

Mrs. Beus

2nd Grade:

Mrs. Palmer

Mrs. Montgomery

Mrs. Hepner

3rd Grade:

Mrs. Birch - Mrs. Felt - Mrs. Helmbrecht

4th Grade:

Mrs. Burlison

Mrs. Arave

Mrs. Rich

5th Grade: 

Mrs. Burlison

Mrs. Silver

Mrs. Hadley

6th Grade: 

Mrs. Demille

Mrs. Hales

Mrs. Nelson

Life Skills:  

Mrs. Harper

Mrs. Larson

Mrs. Munn

Mrs. Weaver

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