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3 pocket folders, different colors  (Hales)

Scissors (standard size)

1 composition notebook

1" 3- ring binder (Nelson) 

Pencil box or pouch 

Mechanical pencils and additional lead (0.7 or higher is better)

Pencil top erasers or a large eraser

3 highlighters (different colors)

10-12 glue sticks

1 bottle Elmers glue

1 black fine tip Sharpie marker

1 pkg. Expo markers (at least 4 large or 4 fine point)

6x6 scrap of fabric to be used as a whiteboard eraser (felt, fleece)

1 pkg. colored pencils (twistables are easier for students to maintain)

1 pkg. colored markers (any size, student preference)

Headphones (for personal use only)

2 pkg. Clorox wipes

1 paper towel rolls

1 boxes of tissues

1 box Band-Aids

Plastic zip bags- quart or gallon size



Crayola brand is preferable if you can get them. They have deeper pigments and last longer.


Please label the underlined items.

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