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Dear Parent/Guardian:

There have been multiple changes to our normal routine at school this year as we have worked to keep children and staff safe, and free from illness. Due to the limited number of guests that we allow into our schools at this time, we are unable to teach maturation in the usual way, with parents and children together for the presentation. 

Therefore, we  have included some links to a maturation program that was prepared in 2019 by Davis School District. This information is available on YouTube for anyone to watch at any time. A physician shares some information for the boys, along with a video created by the Always Corporation. A nurse practitioner shares some information for the girls, along with a video created by the Always Corporation. The video is the same in both programs. 

We encourage you to preview this video, and then watch this video with your child if you choose to do so. It is a great time to answer any questions they might have. The changes that occur during puberty happen to every boy and girl. It is important for them to learn about the changes that will occur in their body before they happen.  Your child should feel free to discuss these changes with you without feeling embarrassed. This is a great opportunity for you to have this conversation with your child, and help your child get correct information and answers to their questions. 

5th grade boys maturation:

5th grade girls maturation:

Or you can find it on the Davis School District website: 

              Please feel free to contact the school nurse if you have any questions.

Thank you!


Claudia Streuper, MSN, RN

School Nurse Supervisor 

Weber School District

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